Yearly Wellness Exams

Yearly Wellness Exams are an important part of a patient’s overall preventative health. It allows for a more in-depth and holistic look at the patients.

Through the Yearly Wellness Exam, we are able to screen for any major illness, take vitals, and discuss any health concerns the patient has. With this we are able to help create a personalized prevention plan. This plan can help prevent illness based on the patient’s current health and risk factors.

For hospital systems and payers, this service can be provided without switching the patients current PCP. We would simply schedule a home wellness exam, fill out the needed information, and send that back to the hospital, payer, and/or PCP. This will help the hospital system and payer to accurately know risk scores of patients who have not been seen in a while. And by doing the visit in their home, we can get a higher rate of completion.

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