Basis Health Solutions

Basis Health Solutions is a value-based program company in the Basis Health family.

Our goal is to reduce costs for the “High Need, High Cost” population of patients. Specifically, elderly patients with two or more chronic diseases, who are usually homebound. This patient population is the most costly population, and is in need of new solutions to serve them.

We add a wearable telemonitoring device that requires little to no patient interaction, that records 24/7 vitals and sends them to our interface. We use our own customized algorithms to detect when a patient is in a state of decline. From there we will call the patient and do an over-the-phone assessment and if deemed necessary we will deploy out rapid response medical staff to perform point of care service. After a visit is completed, we will send a note to the PCP scheduling a follow-up visit with them. By using our system, we will heavily reduce hospitalization costs and emergency room costs.

Please reach out and we can strategize on how we can help reduce the cost for your Healthcare system.

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